Betjeman's poetry at The Poetry Archive
The Poetry Archive is a collection of poetry, much of it read by the poets themselves. The Archive contains two of Betjeman's poems: "A Subaltern's Love Song" and "Youth and Age on Beaulieu River".

The Betjeman Poetry Competition
The poetry competition is open to children aged 10-13 in the UK and Ireland, with poems inspired by the theme of 'place'. First prize is £1,000 - £500 to the student and £500 to their school.

The SPAB John Betjeman Award
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) offers an annual award in Betjeman's honour. The Award is given to celebrate excellence in the conservation and repair of places of worship of any faith in England and Wales.

John Betjeman on YouTube
YouTube contains a diverse selection of videos relating to John Betjeman's life and work.

Betjeman on Wikipedia...
More detail on Betjeman's life.

...And Wikiquote
A selection of quotes.

The Wantage Summer Arts Festival
A multi-themed arts festival in the Betjeman's former home town of Wantage which sometimes has some Betjeman related shows.

Tom Brown's School Museum, Uffington
" of the best small museums in Oxfordshire...." contains Betjeman related material from the time they lived here.

Betjeman Millennium Park, Wantage
A park with stones displaying poetic quotes, in Wantage, near the Mead where the Betjemans lived.

Blisland Church, Cornwall
One of Betjeman's favourite churches; they intend to dedicate the west window to him.

Modernism in Metroland
celebration the Modernist and Art Deco buildings of the Metro-Land area.

The Landmark Trust History of Cloth Fair
Detailed history of Betjeman's London home with many Betjeman references and photos.

Poetry By Heart
A national poetry recitation competition for young people aged 14-18.

In the news
The latest headlines, in case there are any we missed off the Press page

Betjeman Society and Copyright

The Betjeman Society is unable to respond to requests for information about permission to quote from Sir John's work. Copyright is held by Sir John's publishers and The Betjeman Society recommends approaching the following for help:
John Murray & Co, publishers of most of Sir John's poetry are now part of the Hodder & Stoughton Ltd publishing group. Contact:

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